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Hey Lynda! Where did ya get the code to print that?

Right here at the home of:
TExcellentFormPrinterVersion A.1
For Borland Delphi and C++Builder

Hey Bob! I am getting a blank sheet when I try to print a Form!

- We had better get this fixed today or we will all be looking for another job!-

Sound familiar? If it doesn't, then you probably have not yet deployed your application out into the real world!

It is not a print driver problem!

You may have heard experts claim "It's a print driver problem". We have found that 99 precent of the time... It is not a print driver problem!

Sure! You can try...

You can try using GetFormImage or Form.Print. Try dropping a ComboBox down on a form, then call GetFormImage or Form.Print. *If* you get a printout, do you see the text in the ComboBox? No? Neither does anyone else! This is only a small example of the problems you will encounter when printing VCL forms.

You can also try using Borland's TI-3155 "A better way to print a form". I wrote the TI when I worked at Borland as a stop gap measure. While it will print the combobox text, it will fail on many printers, it can't print the entire form if your user has resized the form, and it can't print VCL forms that are hidden from view or is located partially off the screen. The code basically produces a screenshot, and to print an image reliably, you would probably want to take a look at our TExcellentImagePrinter product! Why? Simply put, it can require a couple of thousand lines of low level graphics code to get bitmaps to print well under Windows.

It's your choice! Unhappy customers and product returns due to printing issues can be very costly! Why spend months of time and thousands of dollars hiring a print driver expert to develop a commercial grade print engine when the solution is available right here!

So what's so special about TExcellentFormPrinter?

TExcellentFormPrinter was originally written by a former senior engineer at Borland International's developer support group, and you can believe that he knew the ins and outs of the VCL's printing problems! He has also written many Windows print drivers and graphics engines, and knows all about the low level calls of the Windows printing system, so he can deliver a reliable printing solution for all your image printing needs!

What does TExcellentFormPrinter do?

Prints VCL forms reliably!

Plus: *please see our FAQ in the TExcellentFormPrinter documentation for the list of controls we support.

What do your customers have to say about TExcellentFormPrinter?

We have a long list of satisfied customers!

Here are some quotes:


"TExcellentFormPrinter Rocks!"
"This product saved the day!"
"Very pretty printouts!"
"The only solution for reliable form printing!"
"Saved the company from bankruptcy!"
"Best investment I ever made!"

Give me the docs!

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