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Crestview, FL - With developer support offerings drying up, and prices skyrocketing the new "AskIt! Help Desk" may go on to fill a niche market left by developer tool companies. Back in the good old days, you could often get free or low cost "per minute" support via a 800 number. These days, you either buy an expensive support incident, or try your luck on the online forums.

The "AskIt! Help Desk" brings low cost, fee based support back to the table for those that want the quality that an expert can provide, and who also want the dedicated support that online forums often fall short on.

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Santa Cruz, CA - "If you could see my mortgage payment, it would make you cry" said one coder who regularly commutes to his job "over the hill".

Silicon Valley may be home to some of the industries top coders, but the price of living is one of the nations highest. With the recent round of lay offs, secondary income is becoming the primary means of building a quick nest egg of security, and for a programmer, extra income often comes in the form of coding small projects on the side.

While "hired gun" programmers where once considered an unacceptable solution in most shops, more often than not, companies are now finding that the short term hiring of an expert to "code al la carte" is an effective way to meet deadlines and control costs.

TExcellent version 10.2 "Tokyo" released!

All 61 versions of the RAD Studio Delphi and C++Builder Windows x32 and x64 compilers supported.

Emerald Coast, FL - May 30, 2017 - Code4Sale, LLC is proud to announce the release of version 10.2 "Tokyo" of it's widely acclaimed TExcellent line of image enhancement and printing SDK products for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder.

TExcellent has been in forefront of image enhancement and printing technology for the publishing, medical, aerospace, and military industries, providing gigapixel imaging and reliable large format print support since 1994.

Lead SDK developer Joe C. Hecht announced this morning that there were no new changes needed to support the new Tokyo compilers, and "the 10.2 upgrade is available free of charge to all registered users."

Example projects with source code for are available at the webpage.

Coding 101

New online classes offered

Crestview, FL - Code4Sale is pleased to announce a online course for those wanting to learn to code, hosted by our own "TJoe", available at

Coding 101

The new "Coding 101 with TJoe" will be rolled out as a series of episodes.

When we ask Joe about where the idea came from, he replied "Coding 101 with TJoe was originally conceived to assist new coders participating in the fast paced Coding-101 show featured on TWiT TV, by providing a more detailed, from the ground up learning experience.

Coding 101 with TJoe is hosted by Joe C. Hecht, a former Borland senior engineer with over three decades of experience in the art of coding.

We hope you enjoy the show!

The Single Board Computer and Virtual Private Server Show™

New podcast for little computers

Emerald Coast, FL - July 24, 2016 - - Our very own Joe C. Hecht A.K.A. "TJoe", has a new podcast about single board computers and virtual private servers at

The Single Board Computer and Virtual Private Server Show

We are all pretty suprised he actually did it, since he has been bragging about it for many months, yet we saw very little evidence of the show in the works. He usually does what he says he is going to do, noting his timetable is always questionable. If you know ol TJoe, you can figure he is probably very busy.

Who is TJoe?

TJoe makes a splot on the web

Idaho Springs, CO - Our very own Joe C. Hecht A.K.A. "TJoe", has carved out a place on the net to host his mussings, located at

Joe claims his new "place" is not really a "blog", not really a "vlog", and not even really even a page, but instead is more of a cross between a "a spot and a web log" that he calls "his splot".

Joe claims to be from "the old school, where a persons word is valued like gold". Joe says he prides himself on "keeping his word", and believes that "corporations should succeed by serving the customer first, and in turn, that stockholders will be rewarded by those actions", explaining that corporations place so much emphases on maximizing shareholder profitibility, that they have lost sight of the customers that support them, and have placed the importance of new customer acquisition above the cost of old customer retention, saying that "Customer service has become a lost art and is no longer considered to be part of corporate success".

Joe's first posting came on April Fools Day, and consisted of a YouTube video entitled "Who is TJoe? An excercise in shameless self promotion", featuring "a bakers dozen of paid spokespersons" touting some of Joe's "more and less" professional antics over the years.

We welcome Joe and his new "splot" to the Code4Sale family of websites, and wish him luck with his soapbox du jour!

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